Its real easy. We here at THE TRUTH TRIBUNE have discovered a breakdown in how information is gathered, compiled, and presented to the public, which is US, our community. Seems like an awful lot of this information gets left out. We feel as if it shouldn’t. That this community is smart enough, evolved enough, and absolutely invested enough in their neighborhoods and cities to have earned ALL of the TRUTH.

And with that being said, we are not competing with anyone. You can’t compete, where you don’t compare. Here you will find no comparison. We go deeper into the news, seperate fact from “pretty lies” and give it to you in a straight, no-nonsense format. We don’t sugar-coat, and we are not “owned, operated, or dependent” on any level of government in this county for our news. We also will not charge you a subscription fee for this digital online TRUTH. Our advertising will pay for our costs.

If you want to know what happened REALLY….or the whole story behind the article…or what happened after the event….or maybe you want to know ALL the things that happened at the last County Commissioners Meeting…how about how our county government really works? This is your TRUTH.

Our mission is clear. Bring our community and neighborhoods education about how it all works, information on what’s actually going on around you, and arm our county’s citizens with KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH.